Over the years as a Professional Landscape Photographer, I have tested a lot of camera equipment in the field. It takes a while to find the perfect camera setup for you, the perfect camera backpack, the perfect optical filters, the perfect photography gloves….and since perfection isn’t a concept I believe in, I can definitely share with you some companies that not only were kind enough to collaborate with me, they also produce products that I can proudly use because they are absolutely perfect for my needs!

f-stop GEAR

As an ambassador for f-stop Gear, spreading the love for their brand and their Mountain Series of backpacks is an easy task for me! Ever since I started doing photography, I have tried so many different backpacks, my wife can second that statement… But once I tried f-stop Gear over 8 years ago, I never looked back! Their system is truly awesome! What I love most is that their Mountain Series is a modular system which allows you to not only choose what size of bag works best for you, you can also choose what size of internal camera compartment (ICU) you actually need to fit your camera equipment. Their bags also feature many options like a built-in aluminum frame that distributes the weight on the hips instead of the shoulders, multiple compartments, quality YKK zippers, water repellent top of the line fabrics…name it, they have it! Their bags are simply awesome! I carry a lot of camera equipment and simply don’t feel it on my back! If my feet are worth having top of the line hiking boots, my back is worth carrying a top of the line backpack!


Regular gloves are ok when you want to hike or do winter sports in general…but when it comes time to do photography during the colder months of the year, Vallerret Photography Gloves are the only option that makes sense to me! Most new mirrorless cameras have very small buttons so when trying to press them with gloves on, I always ended up touching other buttons accidentally which is annoying! Another new feature that most recent cameras have is a touch screen…and to be quite honest with you, gloves with the touch sensitive fingers simply aren’t reliable! They rarely work well! So my option was to work without any gloves…not ideal when it’s -40 celsius outside!

Vallerret Photography Gloves came out with a glove design that works for us landscape photographers! Their finger caps system allows us to simply poke out the needed fingers to operate a camera while keeping the rest of our hand warm and comfy inside the gloves! And speaking of warmth, it took people from the great north to understand what photographers in the north need! Their gloves are truly hot! They use only the best materials and insulation! Vallerret is a great company from Norway and just like Canada, Norway is cold in winter! I am proud to be collaborating with them! I also have an affiliate link so if you click on the link below when you want to purchase any of their products, you will also be encouraging me!


Optical Filters are very important for me as a landscape photographer. I love doing long exposures and I also happen to own a lens that requires some pretty hefty optical filters. The good news is Fotodiox makes some optical filter options for most special applications on the market. Do you have a lens with an enormous bulbous front element? It’s very likely that Fotodiox has a filter option for you! Not only that, their optical filters are made of premium quality glass, some of the most colour neutral I have used to date! Fotodiox and myself have been collaborating for many years. They are extremely creative and come up with products that will blow your mind!


Kase Filters is not only a global leader in optical filters for photography, they are also pioneers in magnetic filter systems. Now what is a magnetic filter system you might ask, most filters have treads and will screw onto lenses which can be a pain when on the go…how many times did I drop a filter thinking that it was well secured to my lens?? Kase’s filter system, thanks to the fact that it is magnetic allows me to swap filters in just a few seconds which is truly clever! And I am super happy to be collaborating with Kase Filters in 2024! A new year means great new adventures!