About Me

Photography is a passion that started a long time ago for me. I first started at the film age back in the 80’s with a camera that was given to me by my father. My first career choice wasn’t photography though. I studied to become a car mechanic and later worked as one for over 15 years. I had my own business with my father, a family business that we built on great human values such as honesty and trust. Of the many qualities required to be a good car mechanic, a sense of observation is definitely one of the most important.

Sometimes, life gives us a lesson...and that is exactly what happened for me when my father, and very good friend and business partner, died from an aggressive type of cancer just a few weeks before retirement. It was then that I realized that life isn’t supposed to be all about working every day, 52 weeks a year to get a pay check only to possibly die before retirement. A change was needed, I decided to do something I always loved; photography.

I decided to develop my sense of observation to a higher level so I went to go back to school to study photography and graduated in 2013. At first my goal was to become a wedding photographer. People will always be getting married so through wedding photography I would have constant job opportunities. It was a no brainer that as a career this is what I wanted! But I soon realized how stressful being a wedding photographer actually was. Wedding parties are often so stressed on that very important day and that stress was being transferred to me! Everyone has their opinion on how this or that could be better, how the bride’s dress should have less pearls…it’s a toxic environment to work in and not necessarily my ideal type of environment in which I wanted to work!

In my photography classes, I discovered that I really enjoyed photographing products and food so why not give it a try! To create your own light in studio using strobes and a wide arsenal of light accessories was a lot of fun! It was inspiring to create dramatic artificial light from nothing in order to give value and prestige to objects such as a watch. But once again, the commercial photography world can be quite toxic and the pressure is intense! The stress as a car mechanic was taking its toll which is why my main reason for changing careers from car mechanic to photographer was to find a less stressful work environment and to do something I love on a daily basis.

I later realized how much of a strong connection I had with nature. Nature has always been rejuvenating for me and such a huge source of inspiration. For as long as I can remember, I have never felt a single ounce of stress while hiking or snowshoeing to all of those awe inspiring locations! Why not combine photography with nature because there, I don’t feel stress!

Now I work full time as a professional landscape photographer, an artist who sells Artwork, a photography educator, a Photoshop teacher and I head workshops in some of my favorite locations on this beautiful planet we call Earth! Since 2013, many of my images have been recognized and awarded in local, national and international photography contests in the likes of International Landscape Awards, Epson Pano Awards, Spider Black and White Awards and the list goes on...

These days I’m doing what I love on a daily basis so that way, it doesn’t feel like «working» anymore. I am living my passion on a daily basis and on a mission to show you The True Beauty of Light and Shadows in my images, in my Artwork!