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January 29th, 2024: NEW BLOG POST!


So 2023 just came to an end and it already feels like months ago! I hope 2023 was a good year for you all…it sure was a good one for me! It was a year of many new projects, a beautiful new website, many photography trips and many new awesome friends to share my passion for photography with! As humans, we tend to develop feelings towards material…continue reading by CLICKING HERE!

January 16th 2024: REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Registration for Banff Autumn Beauty Workshop are open!

First day and already a couple spots gone...hurry up if you want to be part of this life-changing experience!

More detail on the link RIGHT HERE!

January 15th 2024: NEW BLOG ARTICLE!


Going on an adventure with the primary goal of capturing the beauty of nature is something many of us truly enjoy doing on a regular basis. And for the most part, these adventures will often go smoothly…but in some situations, we might come across some hick ups and we simply don’t know what to do! What if we drop the tripod and it breaks…CLICK HERE if you want to keep on reading!

January 10th 2024: Workshop Announcement!


Imagine the Canadian Rockies during the fall season...imagine colours so vibrant that it will blow your mind! Imagine the ground covered with beautifully colored leaves rubbing against your shoes while you are hunting for that perfect picture...the fall season in the Canadian Rockies hits in a special way. The contrast between bright yellow from the aspen trees and the emerald blue colour of the lakes is truly picture perfect and will leave everybody in absolute awe.

Gina Yeo Photography and DantyArt Photography (myself) are proud to announce one life-time changing photography experience in which you will not only be given the opportunity to capture your life-long dream images but also to learn many new techniques to improve your general photography skills.

There will be no shortage of awe-inspiring locations during this prime time of the year for fall colours. We have places like Moraine Lake, Morant's Curve, Bow Lake, Peyto Lake, Abraham Lake and so many more on our list of epic locations for you!

Registrations are opening in just one week and we expect those spots to fill fast so act quick if you want to be part of this experience with us, two world renowned landscape photographers. You can find more details about the workshop by CLICKING HERE!

Enchanted Morning

January 1st 2024: First Blog Article of 2024

Looking For A Frame?


Landscape photography…what do we like to use as elements in our landscape images? Of course there will be a foreground, a mid ground and a background. Our subject will most likely be in our background with multiple elements from the foreground and mid ground to complement the subject. These elements could also be used as leading lines into your composition.For many years, I have been obsessed with framed compositions. I have been very attentive about elements that could potentially frame my main subject. It’s like looking through a window....continue reading  by CLICKING HERE!

December 18th 2023: NEW BLOG ARTICLE!


Are you ready for extreme winter photography? As far as I am concerned, I know a thing or two about winter photography! Winter is my favorite season for photography and I’ll share some tricks and tips in order to make your winter experience as enjoyable as possible! All part of the experience, hiking many km to your photography locations, waiting countless hours for the optimal light and dealing with unexpected surprises of all kinds of nature…read below and you might be able to save yourself...keep reading by CLICKING HERE!

December 04th 2023: NEW BLOG ARTICLE!

All I Want For Christmas

Christmas is already just a couple of weeks away...time flies! It feels like I was in Norway just a couple of weeks ago but no, it was in January!Now the question that comes to everybody’s mind every year is: what do I want for Christmas? Or, what does my photographer friend/partner want for Christmas? It’s always easier to give gift cards for Christmas but personally, I prefer to give actual gifts…CONTINUE READING HERE!

May 5th 2023: Brand New Website!

Hello everyone! 

Daniel Tremblay here and I am super happy to launch my brand new website! 

I have been really looking forward to launch my new website because I have so many new changes such as:

-Brand New Webstore

So I have a brand new Webstore so you can now purchase directly from the store and see which sizes are available for each and every Artwork available for purchase on my website. All you have to do is look for Artwork you like, scroll down and you'll see all print options available for each and every one of them.

-Prints Section

Prints section is just like before and will explain to you all the products I offer, talk about my limited edition prints, shipping and handling and much more. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletters to be notified when I run discounts on my prints!


As the name says, you find everything new in that section. When ever I have discounts or new workshops, you will first found the informations here!

-Workshop Page

I have a brand new Workshop Page on which you'll also be able to register to any of my amazing workshops or simply submit your name on a waiting list in case that one specific workshop you'd be interested in is sold out!

Thank you very much for your support and I am so glad to see you here again!

April 26th 2023: Banff Winter Wonderland Workshop

Banff Winter Wonderland Workshop

I just announced a brand new workshop with my good friend Gina Yeo! This workshop will give you the opportunity to witness the true magic of winter in the Canadian Rockies! Gina and I will bring you to places such as a lot of highlights locations in Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Jasper National Parks and the famous Abraham Lake where you can witness the awesome methane bubbles phenomena!! When will it happen? January 24th to 31st 2024! Would you like to have more details? Please CLICK HERE!

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