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Astonishing Chaos;
The Faroe Islands are one of those place that if you stand long enough to one specific place, you will end up having multiple extremely different shots! The ever changing weather conditions are in for some amazing surprises! I shot this image on my very last day of that amazing trip to the Faroe Islands. I was way ahead of time…maybe 3 hours before sunset but I wanted to enjoy that epic view one last time before going back home. As you can see, it was a pretty cloudy day, still windy and rainy but at that specific moment, I couldn’t help myself and I got this shot! The clouds very running extremely low, hugging the mountain peaks and I could see rain shutters approaching the lovely town of Gasadalur. As soon as I was done shooting, I had to pack the camera equipment back in my backpack with rain sleeve on and I had to hide for a little while…it was raining cats and dogs!! Or even worse, it was raining horses and sheep!! 😆 I will have to admit that I just love the Faroe Islands, you get 3 seasons in a single day and that really is my thing!!