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New Release!!


In this series of new images from my most recent trip to the Canadian Rockies, I will not only show you the pure beauty of winter but also try to convince you to go out and enjoy this truly breathtaking season! Every single years since almost a decade already, I really enjoy spending some time outside with my camera in order to immortalize some winter magic! I love capturing the essence of this season which also is my favorite of the year! It may sound strange for some of you but all the magic happens in really cold temperatures! Spend some time near a water plan and you’ll definitely understand what I mean by this! In very cold temperatures, flowing water from rivers always generate a certain amount of steam which will crystalize and form some really amazing crystals and snow flowers all along those said rivers! It always makes for infinite foreground opportunities! I truly love those type of textures! This definitely is my favorite aspect of winter! And the second really interesting place to be is on frozen lakes! In the Canadian Rockies, something really intriguing and fun happen every years, the methane bubbles phenomena. In the freezing process of the water, gaz bubbles coming, from basically everything at the bottom of the lake, will try to come up to the surface and will be trapped into the ice while it’s freezing deeper. Those also make some really amazing foregrounds! Enjoy!