About Myself

Photography, a passion that started a long time ago for me. I first started at the film age back in the 80’s with a camera that was given to me by my father. My first career choice wasn’t photography though. I studied car mechanic and I was a car mechanic for over 15 years. I had my own business with my father, a family business that we built on honesty. Of the many qualities required to be a good car mechanic, sense of observation is one of the most important of all.

Sometimes, life gives us a lesson…and that is exactly what happened for me when my father,  very good friend and also business partner, died from a very aggressive type of cancer just a few weeks before retirement. I then realized that life isn’t supposed to be all about working every day, 52 weeks a year to get a pay check and die before retirement. A change was needed, I decided to do something I always loved; photography.

I decided to get my sense of observation to a completely different level, I decided to go back to school to study photography and graduated in 2013. I am now working as a professional photographer full time and ever since then, many of my images were recognized and awarded in local, national and international photography contests in the likes of International Landscape Awards, Epson Pano Awards, Spider Black and White Awards and the list keeps on going…

I am now doing what I love as a day job and that way, it doesn’t feel like «working» anymore but instead of that, I am living my passion on a daily basis and on a mission to show you the True Beauty of Light and Shadows in my images.